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Title: "Branches"
Author: Missmai_chan
Rating: NC17
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Pairing: Audrey/Laura/Donna
Words: 216
A/N: I love the idea of Donna getting shafted - her destruction makes my heart happy.

It was a crazy game of callisthenics: seeing if Laura could propel herself upwards and tickle the ceiling, straight-backed as a candle rod. Stretching like a branch of a knotted tree. Not so simple either, when your friend was pushing you upwards, and pushing you there.

Audrey remembered the game now, licking coffee from her lipstick , thinking of the way she would let go at the last moment. Her fingers would gently slide from between her and then Laura would fall from the bed backwards - wounding her head or arm, but later confessing she wished each time for a broken back. She told Audrey that she wanted to know what a snapped spine would feel like, and if it would push into her flesh like fingers and slide away the nerves. A red sea parting.

These confessions were sweet, and Audrey had wrapped herself in the words each time, knowing it a privelege to wade through even one messy secret spilled from Laura's mind.

But piquant, more rich and full, was the sample of Donna's pained face at the window that Laura did not see, and Audrey did; the black hair parting for running tears and open mouth. Open as the world where Laura did not prefer the bend of Donna's body after all.

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